Stand: 23.03.2018

Assortment boxes for optimum equipping of workplaces

mbo Osswald, manufacturer of linking elements, offers a selection of small parts in clearly arranged assortment boxes to simplify and thereby speed up work sequences.

Parts which are not needed so often but which are nevertheless used on a regular basis are therefore available at all times without great effort, individually matched to the requirements of the relevant workplace.

The assortment boxes come as standard in 12 different filling versions, arranged to suit the most important parts. Naturally an individual filling, geared towards the requirements of individual work sequences, is also possible. Practically any combination is possible here. This enables standard parts to be combined with drawing parts, or different geometries or surface finishes.

To highlight the relevant corporate identity, mbo Osswald offers the boxes complete with printed company logo or other images.

The assortment boxes are above all ideal for workshops, design offices, dealers and all industrial workplaces where a specific selection of small parts are part of the daily work sequence. The parts are neatly arranged and always ready to hand. Naturally all assortment parts can, where necessary, be reordered or even exchanged.

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