Stand: 24.04.2018

Axial joints similar to DIN 71802

compensating linear (axial) joint for moving parts
NEW: Standard dimensions in steel and stainless steel (material 1.4305)

Angle joints in accordance with DIN 71802 serve as linking and guide elements for moving parts and create corner joints. These standard parts are not always sufficient for the design, particularly when the force is to be transmitted linearly. Specifically designed for this application, the axial joint represents a special solution in the field of angle joints in accordance with DIN 71802. The absorbed forces are converted not at an angle of 90°, but instead in the form of a 180° variant, i.e. linearly. The possible pivoting angle, comparable with DIN 71802, is ±18°, the withdrawal forces for the ball stud from the housing range, depending on the size, between min. 30 and max. 100 N.

The axial joints are available in the dimensions M5 to M16 in steel and stainless steel.

To provide the design with extra creative leeway, the specialist mbo Osswald has developed a further non-disassembling variant. These axial joints are able to absorb particularly high loads.

There is the additional possibility of developing and implementing application-specific special solutions.

mbo Osswald offers its customers an extremely large assortment of different linking elements, a wide selection for a multitude of possible applications. In addition to steel and stainless steel, linking elements can also be manufactured from duplex steel for special applications.

In addition, a team of experts is available which is geared towards satisfying special customer-specific requirements as well. This team can work to drawing specifications and implement an application-specific solution together with the customer.

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