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Clevis joints – always in the thick of it when safe connections are called for

In any combination reliable powerful mini-joints provide for a wide range of applications

Finding suitable solutions for transmitting linear motion is one of the daily design tasks. Clevis joints take on this task and thus assume the great responsibility for the safety and operational capability of a machine.
It is good in this respect to be able to have recourse to an entire assortment of the most diverse variants. The specialist in clevis joints, mbo Osswald, now offers a huge choice of standard parts, directly available from stock.

Clevises in accordance with ISO 8140 / DIN 71752 are offered as connectors with right-hand, left-hand or fine threads. If a female thread is available for fastening, the clevis with male thread is the solution. This variant saves money due to the reduced assembly expenditure. If adjustment possibilities are required in the cross hole area, the clevis with elongated hole is particularly suitable. The elongated hole instead of the cross hole creates masses of clearance here. Specially developed clevises with hardened cross holes provide for increased service life under particularly strong alternating load.
A wide range of retainers enables these clevises to be used as clevis joints.
Bolts with and without head or with hole or groove can be used to suit the application. These bolts are secured with a cotter pin or matching retainers. Folding spring bolts specially developed for the clevis ensure easy, safe assembly and disassembly and reduce the installation time significantly because no additional tools are required.

The service life of the parts can decrease rapidly if aggressive ambient conditions are added to the mechanical actions. Here too mbo Osswald offers the right solution: clevis joints made of stainless steel 1.4305 (303S22, Aisi 303) or 1.4404 (316S11, Aisi 316L). These products are far more corrosion-resistant than comparable steel parts. The user benefits from a longer service life and makes the crucial step towards increased safety.

Should a standard variant fail to meet the requirements, the experts at mbo Osswald offer the service of developing an application-specific solution in conjunction with the customer.

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