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Clevises – individual and multi-purpose

Clevises are some of the most frequently used linking elements in industry.

These parts can be found everywhere where simple movements are required, e.g. linear pulling, pushing or even axle offset compensation. The clevis specialist, mbo Osswald, provides a particularly wide application range with a whole assortment of different clevises. These include specially designed parts that can be used to achieve high savings or which meet very special safety requirements. In addition to standard clevises, there are also clevises with male threads. These can be used wherever only female threads are available for fixing. This product, so simple in appearance, also has a particular advantage. It saves the user money. These clevises, which can for instance be screwed to hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, do not need, apart from a locking nut, additional mounting security such as threaded rods or adhesive.

In addition, clevises with elongated holes are available. An elongated hole is provided instead of a cross hole. If adjusting options are required in the area of the cross hole, this clevis type can be used instead. This provides the necessary clearance and the part can be easily installed and fixed in various positions. If the clevis is subject to particularly strong alternating tensile and compressive forces, the cross hole can deform, drastically shortening the service life. To prevent this, mbo offers a clevis with a hardened cross hole. A specially developed hardening procedure increases the service life of the product several times. Rapid deformation of the cross hole is prevented and production safety is significantly increased. This product, initially developed for an application case, is now part of the standard range.

Naturally, the clevises also come with the corresponding mating pieces. Considerable savings can be achieved with mating pieces. They can be e.g. easily combined with a clevis instead of a rod end if connections are required that compensate direction offsets in one direction. There are only few limitations compared to the rod end which is significantly more expensive.

All parts that leave the Kuelsheim-Steinbach factory are manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards. Consequent quality management is applied throughout the entire production area.

A competent team is available for special requests, specifically trained to develop customer-specific solutions. They can work to drawing specifications or they can develop application-based solutions together with the customer on the basis of geometry, material or surface requirements.

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