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Component variety in stainless steel

New: Stainless steel mating pieces for clevises

Problematic production atmospheres like dust, moisture, or oxygen call for the use of corrosion-resistant linking elements.

Stainless steel clevises are some of the most frequently used linking elements in industry. These parts can be found everywhere where simple movements are required, e.g. linear pulling, pushing, or even axle offset compensation. The clevis specialist, mbo Osswald, provides a particularly wide application range with a whole assortment of different corrosion resistant clevises.

In addition to standard clevises there are now also the corresponding mating pieces. Considerable savings can be achieved with mating pieces. They can be easily combined with a clevis instead of a rod end if connections are required that compensate direction offsets in one direction. There are only few limitations compared to the rod end which is significantly more expensive.

Linking elements are usually regarded as mass-produced parts, but they often have important tasks to fulfil. These small components, which can no longer be seen in the finished product, bear a heavy responsibility for the safety and function of major facilities. In many cases, the parts are continuously subjected to widely fluctuating loads, for example tension and compression. If corrosion-enhancing ambient conditions like dust or moisture are added as well, the useful life of the parts might be extremely shortened. Subsequently, entire production operations are then be put at risk.

mbo Osswald, a specialist for linking elements based in Kuelsheim-Steinbach, Germany, caters for these increased safety requirements with its stainless steel products. Turned and milled parts like clevises, bolts, and angle joints are made from alloyed chrome nickel steel 1.4305 (X8CrNiS18-9). These products are far more resistant to corrosion than comparable parts and can therefore be used without any problems even under difficult conditions. Compared with pure chrome steels, frequently employed for price reasons in the manufacture of linking parts, mbo's stainless steel parts are distinguished by their improved pitting resistance. This is only achieved by the interaction of chrome and nickel. This sulphur-alloyed steel boasts particularly good cutting properties, and hence offers the ideal preconditions for individualised surface geometries, with its usability depending on the ambient influences.

By using stainless steel components the user benefits from a longer useful life and takes a crucial step towards greater production dependability.

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