Stand: 21.07.2018

Hardened clevises for longer service life

Clevises are some of the most versatile and frequently used linking elements in industry.

They come in all sizes and thicknesses and are used wherever mechanical movements take place. As a result, clevises are exposed in every machine action to permanent tensile, folding and shear forces which subject the material to loads of varying severity. The clevis specialist, mbo Osswald, therefore features in its product range specially hardened clevises which guarantee the user a high degree of production reliability. These clevises are subjected to a special hardening process which prolongs their service life and ensures that even high loads do not cause premature wear. These clevises can be combined with specially hardened folding spring bolts to make the clevis combination altogether more resistant to wear. They are particularly useful in applications where machines are dynamically in service round the clock, unique forces are in action for manufacturing reasons or the material is affected by unique ambient conditions.

mbo Osswald offers its customers with an extremely large assortment of different clevises a wide selection for a multitude of possible applications. There is also a team of experts available which is geared towards satisfying special customer-specific requirements. This team can both work according to drawing specifications and together with the customer implement an application-specific solution.

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