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Retainers prevent axial withdrawal on bolts and shafts

Providing reliable retention in the event of axial forces on shafts requires components with special properties.

The linking technology specialist mbo Osswald stocks a full range of retainers for all manner of applications. Tried and tested in millions of applications, these components made of spring band steel, spring steel or stainless steel perform vital functions in any construction. Axial withdrawal on smooth shafts and bolts is prevented by spring washers, spring washers with cap or duo clips. SL-retainers, KL-retainers, bayonet clips, locking washers according to DIN 6799 and retaining rings according to DIN 471 are suitable for existing grooves.
With their differing component geometry, the individual retainers are suitable for diverse applications and can also be used in part to compensate for play. The standard parts are available directly from stock for use on shaft diameters ranging between 3 mm and 25 mm, thereby guaranteeing prompt delivery.

They can be assembled partly by hand or with specially developed assembly tools, which significantly reduce the expenditure of force and facilitate faster assembling. Products for existing grooves can also be easily removed and are reusable. These assembly tools are naturally featured in mbo Osswald’s range of products.

The experts from mbo Osswald offer support in obtaining the ideal combination of shaft and retainer. Suggestions are elaborated and submitted on the basis of the boundary conditions and the desired requirements.

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