Stand: 27.05.2018

Stud bolts DIN 1445

Stud bolts are still in our programme

Stud bolts / threaded bolts no longer belong to sought-after items in the great selection of linking elements. Many manufacturers have therefore decided not to offer them anymore. An unjustifiable decision because there are still enough users for whom stud bolts complying with DIN 1445 are an indispensable component. The best example of an ideal area of application is the conveyor belt. The seat of the roller bearing is often secured with a stud bolt. There are good reasons for this. First of all a stud bolt is easy to install. It only needs to be secured on one side, for example, with a nut. Secondly it is absolutely free from twisting and in addition has smaller tolerances than its “smooth brothers“. This guarantees reliable guiding of the belts.

At mbo Osswald, stud bolts of the highest quality will remain a permanent part of our production programme and sensibly augment the range of more than 12,000 standard parts. The stud bolts are available in standard or stainless-steel versions with diameters from 8mm to 20mm. The surface finish is normally blank or alternatively galvanized or phosphated.

A competent team is on hand to deal with customer requirements and develop specific solutions. We can either work to customers’ drawings or together with the customer to find a solution to suit the particular application as regards geometry, material and surface finish.

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