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Bolts with pin hole (suitable for clevises)

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Ordernumber Size / Identifier Material group Surface Article no. 3D model Suitable cotter pin DIN 94d1 h11d2d2 Toleranced3 h14l1l1 Tolerancel2l2 Tolerancekk Tolerancez1 ≈z2 ≈Mass (kg) per 100 pieces Shop
BGL = bolts with pin hole, lathe work head
* suitable for clevis G 30x54 according to CETOP standard
Bolts with pin hole (suitable for clevises) | BGL 4 x 12 x 10 | electr. galvanised white | Steel

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  • 34 00 0000 0004/013
  • BGL 4 x 12 x 10
  • Steel
  • electr. galvanised white
  • undercut steel 1.0718 (11SMnPb30+C), alternative: hardened


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From manufacturer of bolts to driver of innovation in mechanical linking technology
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NEW: Clevises / clevis joints of material 1.4404 (B.S. 316S11, Aisi 316L) – Stainless austenitic chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel
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