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Threaded rod configurator

Product information "Threaded rod configurator"

Threaded rods – Often available only as cut rods with no customisation options. And if specific project requirements have to be taken into account then long delivery times and high unit costs can be expected. These are the experiences that many users who are looking for threaded rods have had to put up with. But now everything has changed!

Left-hand thread as metric fine-pitch thread? Right-hand thread as the normal regular thread but a little longer than the left side? Oh yes. And a spanner surface for assembly is another important feature...

When connecting rods have to meet special requirements such as these, uniform threads along the whole length of the rod are no longer the answer. The task of finding compatible parts when choosing suppliers then rapidly becomes more difficult and frequently demands a lot of time and patience. And all this effort has to be expended every single time because, by their nature, connecting rods are individually configured for practically every new application.

Using threaded rods

The basic task of threaded rods is to connect two elements in order to permanently transfer the required forces between them or to bridge a given distance. As for all moving applications, it is important that the parts are low-wearing and durable. In addition, when the product is installed, it should be possible to compensate for play by adjusting it with millimetre precision or by readjusting it as required in permanent operation.

The absolutely precise configuration of the threaded rod in combination with the specific parts to be connected therefore brings about considerable advantages. For example, installation times can be reduced enormously and process costs kept low throughout the entire organisation due to simplified article management.

Due to their versatility, these threaded rods are in very widespread use. They are used in mechanical and plant engineering, in vehicle technology or building construction and can also be found in the fields of model or furniture construction or even in your own garden.

The configurator for your specific threaded rod

Anyone who is confronted by the sort of tasks we have described above can now benefit from a very helpful tool. Complete transparency and support during the design process – in real time without having to plough through books and tables. Our threaded rod configurator works with you online and with no loss of time to create custom-built units, provide information about functional dimensions, indicate prices and delivery times and, if you want, also sends your order directly to our manufacturing plants – eliminating the usual wasted effort that occurs during the conventional offer and order process.

And of course, users of this tool also benefit from the proven online advantages compared to the conventional order process:
• Batch size 1
• Immediate information about availability and delivery times
• Product-specific price advantages
• No surcharge for small quantities

In addition to the threaded rod itself, do you also need the matching connecting parts or a locknut? That’s not a problem: In this case, simply use our joint rod configurator!

Usability, intuitive operation and the integration of 50 years of experience in the field of linking technology were our guiding lights during the development of the configurator, which has been designed to make your life a little easier.
Is there any other functionality you would like to see? Then we look forward to receiving your feedback!

Legal notice for consumers

Please note that this product is always an individually-manufactured product for you and for this reason we cannot grant you the  right of revocation ! The product will be manufactured exactly according to the issued drawing, which you will receive again by e-mail when you place an order.

Left section | Length:
Thread direction
Thread version metric
Mindestlänge [[ form.diameter ]]mm
Middle section | Length:
Spanner surface centred
Mindestlänge [[ form.diameter * 2 ]]mm
Right section | Length:
Thread direction
Thread version metric
Mindestlänge [[ form.diameter ]]mm
Overall length threaded rod: [[ glength ]]mm
Die Gesamtlänge darf maximal [[ (form.diameter > 12?100:140) ]]mm betragen.