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Manufacturer of mechanical linking elements certified as an Authorised Economic Operator

mbo Osswald GmbH & Co KG from Kuelsheim-Steinbach is one of the first German companies in this branch of industry to have been certified as an "AEO (Authorised Economic Operator)".

The Main Customs Office in Heilbronn awarded mbo Osswald the status of an AEO "AEOF (customs simplification / safety-security)" on 19.06.2009.

An Authorised Economic Operator is recognised by customs administrations as particularly safe/secure, reliable and trustworthy. This gives rise to special privileges in customs clearance, which in turn can lead to time and cost benefits in cross-border trade.

mbo Osswald is an internationally established company supplying mechanical linking elements such as clevises, angle joints, bolts, shaft retainers, rod ends and precision turned parts made from steel and stainless steel to a wide variety of customer groups around the world.

This certification is therefore a further expression of the producer's high standards of quality and service and of the consistency of the continual improvement process.

The reliability and security of the supply chain are consolidated by process assurance and risk minimisation measures.

Particularly for companies operating on the international stage this represents a genuine added value, benefiting the customer directly.