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mbo Osswald Webshop

Find the item you need in the new mbo Osswald Webshop – fast and efficiently

We’re launching our new Webshop just in time for the exhibition Motek 2017. From today, you can order our proven, high-quality, mechanical linking technology products and a wide range of services around the clock.

We focused on two main factors when creating our Website – implementing specific market requirements and responding to your customer feedback. This has resulted in a website system which is intuitive and user-friendly – and it also offers you many real advantages, in contrast to the conventional ordering method. These advantages include:

  • Batch size 1
  • Immediate information about availability and delivery time
  • Product-specific price advantages
  • No minimum quantity surcharges
  • Enormous range of variants presented quickly and clearly
  • Comprehensive technical documentation including 3D models

And here’s something special for our 50th anniversary – you can now configure one of our most versatile primary products right in our online shop, specifically customized to your requirements: the DIN bolt!
This means you can get information about dimensions, price and delivery time within a very short timeframe – and if you need the bolt quickly, we’ll send it to our machines right away – without the usual friction losses during conventional quotation and order processing.

However, our competent and friendly service is still available for you ‘offline’ – as always!

We’re looking forward to your visit at!

About mbo Osswald
mbo Osswald is a leading supplier of linking technology. At the Kuelsheim-Steinbach site, 70 employees manufacture more than 12,000 standard parts and are specialists in the production of individual drawing parts to meet specific customer requirements.
Standard parts: Clevises, clevis joints, bolts, retainers, angle joints, ball sockets, ball studs, axial joints, rod ends, pivoting bearings, knuckle eyes, cardan joints, machine elements
Precision turned parts / drawing parts / job order production
Product development

mbo – Systematic solutions for linking technology

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Clevis DIN 71752 / DIN ISO 8140 / CETOP product image
Clevises DIN 71752 / DIN ISO 8140 / CETOP RP102P
Clevis joint similar to DIN 71751 with folding spring bolt product image
Clevis joints similar to DIN 71751, with folding spring bolt
Clevis joint DIN 71751 form A product image
Clevis joints (DIN 71751 form A)
Bolt with groove for clevis product image
Bolts with groove for retainers (suitable for clevises)
Bolt with pin hole for clevis product image
Bolts with pin hole (suitable for clevises)
SL-retainer product image
Angle joint DIN 71802 form CS with threaded stud product image
Angle joints DIN 71802 form CS with threaded stud
Pivoting bearing DIN 12240-1 / DIN 648 / mbo 73 product image
Pivoting bearings DIN ISO 12240-1 (DIN 648) K series maintenance-free version
Cardan joint DIN 808 form E with sliding fit product image
Cardan joints DIN 808 form E normal version with sliding fit (G)
Rod end DIN 12240-4 / DIN 648 / mbo 52 female thread product image
Rod ends DIN ISO 12240-4 (DIN 648) K series maintenance-free version female thread
Knuckle eye product image
Knuckle eyes
Parallel key DIN 6885 form A product image
Parallel keys DIN 6885 form A round-ended, high-sized version
Bolt DIN 1433 form A configurator product image
Bolts DIN 1433 form A
Bolt DIN 1433 form B configurator product image
Bolts DIN 1433 form B
Bolt DIN 1445 configurator product image
Bolts DIN 1445
Bolt DIN 1444 form A configurator product image
Bolts DIN 1444 form A
Bolt DIN 1444 form B configurator product image
Bolts DIN 1444 form B

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