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Privacy Policy

We take the protection of your privacy very seriously, for which reason we observe and comply with all statutory requirements in all procedures relating to the processing of data (e.g. collection, processing and transmission). The following declaration gives you an overview of which of your data are enquired on our website, how this data is used and passed on, how you can obtain information about the data given to us and what security measures we take to protect your data.

1. Who is the point of contact for your data protection concerns?

The responsible point of contact within the meaning of the data protection regulations for all data processing and data transmission processes taking place via all our web-sites is:

mbo Osswald GmbH & Co KG
Steingasse 13
D-97900 Kuelsheim-Steinbach, Germany
Tel. +49 (0) 9345 - 6700
Fax +49 (0) 9345 - 6255

Enquiries concerning data protection as well as the assertion of rights of affected persons (see below) are to be directed at

2. What data do we need from you for the use of our websites? What data is collected and stored when you use our websites?

Personal data are individual details of personal or material circumstances of an iden-tified or identifiable natural person such as, for example, your name, address, tele-phone number, date of birth, bank details, and your IP address.

Usage data

When you use our website, the following data are logged, whereby the storage ex-clusively serves internal system-related and statistical purposes. These are what are known as usage data: names of pages accessed, of the browser used, of the operat-ing system and the enquiring domain, date and time of access, names of downloaded files and your IP address. All data on the usage, in particular your IP address as well, are deleted as soon as possible, at the latest immediately after the end of the usage process.

Further personal data are only collected if you provide us with this information volun-tarily, for example when submitting an enquiry or registering with our website.

Data for the Online Shop

In order to use our online shop, you must either register on our website with a customer account, or create a one-time account by clicking on ‘Don’t create a customer account’. All data required by us for the execution and processing of orders are enquired when you do so: your complete name and/or your full company name, your eMail address and your postal address (invoice address and delivery address if the latter is not your invoice ad-dress). Depending on the chosen method of payment (e.g. direct debit, credit card), we also require account or credit card information. In the event that you decide on permanent registration with our Online Shop (e.g. for further orders in the future), we store the data you enter for the purpose of setting up a customer account via which we can log, perform and settle your order. You must also choose a password; this enables your login without having to enter all your data again. We retain your data for further orders for as long as you maintain your registration. You have at any time entitlement to access, edit and delete your registration details. We delete your regis-tration with us if deletion is prescribed by law, at the latest two years after completion of your last order.

3. How are my data used and, where necessary, passed on to third parties and for what purpose is this done?

We use the personal data you provide us with to respond to your enquiries, handle your order in our Online Shop and for the purposes of the technical administration of our websites.

Your personal data will only be disclosed, sold or transferred in any other way to third parties if the disclosure is necessary for the purposes of contract execution or billing and/or for the collection of remuneration or if you have expressly consented thereto. Any other use of the data is prohibited. In addition, we are entitled to pass on personal data for debt collection purposes and reserve the right to exchange data with credit information agencies (e.g. Schufa); this of course only if the legal conditions for doing so are given.

We would like to point out that, by order of official authorities, we may in individual cases provide information on data, to the extent that this is necessary for the purpos-es of criminal prosecution, danger aversion by the police authorities, fulfilling the statutory tasks of the constitutional protection authorities of the German federal gov-ernment and states, the Federal Intelligence Service or the Military Counter-Intelligence Service, or the enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Integration and use of plug-ins for social networks

The buttons for the social networks Google+ and Facebook are integrated as placeholders on our website. The buttons are dynamically loaded when you click on the placeholders for the relevant buttons. Only then is a connection to the server for the social network service established and the information that you are visiting our website transferred. However, your user data is not transferred until you you are logged into your account for the relevant social network service.

More specifically, the following applies to the use of the buttons for the social networks Google+ and Facebook:


We have integrated so-called plug-ins for the external social network Facebook in our website and also link to Facebook. Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (referred to as “Facebook” in the following) has sole responsibility for Facebook and its presence on the web. You can find a full overview of the Facebook plug-ins here:

The links to Facebook on our website are identified by the Facebook logo or the text “Like”. However, no Facebook plug-ins are used initially and consequently no data is transferred by you to Facebook.

The Facebook link or the Facebook “Like” button are only enabled when you click on them. Before this happens, a text box is displayed containing further information on the details of potential data transfer to Facebook as well as a link to this section of the data protection provisions.

If you click on the Facebook links then, in particular, the “Like” button is dynamically loaded and a connection to the Facebook servers is established. This informs Facebook that you are visiting our website. When you are logged into Facebook via your user account, further information is sent to Facebook, including the user data mentioned in point 2 above. This information is sent to Facebook, assigned to your user account, stored there and, in some circumstances, passed on to third-parties and, in particular, to Facebook's advertising partners.  However, this only happens if you are logged into your Facebook user account. To prevent any data being transferred to Facebook, you must log out from your Facebook user account before clicking on the Facebook links in our website. We want to point out that the functions assigned to the Facebook links, and in particular the transfer of information and user data to Facebook, are not already enabled when you visit our website but only when you click on the Facebook links.

For more information on the purpose and scope of data collection, as well as on the further processing and use of your data by Facebook, please consult the Facebook data policy. This can be found on the web at Here, you will also find, for example, information on the settings available to help you protect your private life and about your further rights concerning the collection, processing and use of your data by Facebook.


On our websites we also have plugins of the external social network Google+ inte-grated and provide links to Google+ as well. The responsibility for Google+ and its websites rests solely with Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA.

Our links to Google+ are identifiable by way of the Google+ logo or the suffix "+1", though no Google+ plugins are actually active and can be used until enabled; this means that you are not yet transmitting data to Google.

The Google+ link or the 1+ button are not enabled until you click on them. Before that, a text box displayed when you move the mouse over the "Info" icon to the right of the social media button gives you more information about the details of the possible transfer of data to Google, with reference being made to this part of our Privacy Policy.

If you click on the Google+ links, in particular the +1 button will then be loaded and a link established to Google's servers. If you are logged into Google+ via your user account, certain information and the user data referred to in Section 1 para. 1 will be forwarded to Google, including the fact that you have visited our website. This infor-mation is transmitted to Google, stored there and possibly also passed on to third parties, in particular advertising partners of Google. However, this only takes place if you are logged into your Google+ user account. To prevent a transfer of data to Google, you need to log out of your Google + account before you click on the Google+ link on our websites. We would point out that the features associated with the Google+ links, in particular the transmission of information and user data to Google+, are not already activated by visiting our websites but by clicking on the Google+ links.

For more information about the purpose and scope of the data collection process and the further processing and use of your data by Google+, please refer to Google's privacy policy. This can be accessed on the Internet at There you will also find, among other things, information on settings options for protecting your privacy, as well as on your further rights relating to the collection, processing and use of your data by Google+.

Integration of a service for displaying 3D models of our products

We use a service provided by the company TraceParts S.A., Parc Eco Normandie, 76430 Saint Romain (France) in order to be able to present our products to you as 3D models in our product descriptions. If you make use of this capability by entering the e-mail address corresponding to your TraceParts acccount in the field labelled “TraceParts Account” then this address is sent to TraceParts for identification purposes. If you do not possess a TraceParts account, you can alternatively choose the format you need and request a download to enable you to view the 3Ds, provided that you are registered with our shop. In this case, the e-mail address that is stored for your customer account in our shop is again sent to TraceParts for the purposes of identification only. After this, the 3D view of our products is again available to you.

Apart from your e-mail address, no other data is sent to or used by TraceParts. 

4. What security measures have we taken to protect your data?

We have taken a variety of security measures to protect personal information to a reasonable and adequate extent.

Our databases are protected by physical, technical and procedural measures that restrict access to the data they contain to specially authorized individuals in accord-ance with this Privacy Policy. Our information system is protected by a software fire-wall to block access from other networks connected to the Internet. Only employees who need the data for performing a specific task have access to personal data. Our employees are trained in security and data protection practices.

We use the standard SSL encryption technology for the gathering and transmission of data via our websites.

You should never disclose your password for accessing our websites to third parties and you should change this password regularly. In addition, when accessing our websites you should never choose the same password as the one that you use for password-protected access to other websites (eMail account, online banking, etc.). When you exit our pages, you should use the logout process and close your browser to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your user account.

We cannot guarantee complete data security where communication by eMail is con-cerned.

5. When you visit our websites, a cookie is stored on your computer. What does that mean?

We use what are known as cookies on our websites. Cookies are small volumes of data in the form of text information which the web server sends to your browser. These are only stored to your hard drive. Cookies can only be read by the server which had previously stored them, and receive information about what you viewed on a website and when. Cookies can help make using the Internet more effective. We use cookies for you to provide you with useful functions. Cookies themselves identify only the IP address of your computer and do not store personal information such as, for example, your name.

You can decide whether to allow cookies. By changing your browser settings (usually under "Options" or "Settings" in the browser menus) you have the choice to accept all cookies, to be informed when a cookie is set, or to refuse all cookies. If you decide not to accept cookies on our website, it could be that the functionality of our pages is diminished and some services cannot be used. We ask for understanding in this re-spect.

On our websites we use cookies as follows:

• Persistent cookies (time-limited use)
Persistent cookies are automatically deleted after a specified period, which may differ depending on the cookie in question. You can delete the cookies in your browser's security settings at any time.

• Third-party cookies
You can configure your browser settings according to your needs and, for example, refuse to accept third-party or all cookies. However, we would like to point out that you may not then be able to use all the features of our websites.

6. Rights of affected individuals, in particular the right to information

You have, at any time, the right to free-of-charge information as to the stored data concerning your person, their source and recipients as well as the purpose of the data processing. In addition, you have entitlement to the rectification, deletion and blocking of your personal data if need be, provided that the relevant legal requirements are met (Section 35 Federal Data Protection Act/BDSG). If you have any questions or require further information on the topic of data protection, you can at any time contact

7. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy as circumstances require and without prior notice. Please therefore check this page regularly for possible changes to this Privacy Policy.

Status: April 2017


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