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Ball sockets hardened according to drawing

Product information "Ball sockets hardened according to drawing"

High wear resistance and increased durability – there are applications where a DIN 71802 - compliant angle joint isn’t enough. We work together with you to develop the ideal solutions to meet exactly these difficult and demanding requirements. To do this, we design hardened ball sockets and combine these with your target geometry.
To this end, the ball socket is tempered in a special hardening process to give it enhanced durability combined with high wear resistance. This approach extends the service life of the entire angle joint.

Range of services for custom ball sockets hardened (extract)

Material (Ø10 mm up to Ø65 mm)
  • Undercut steel
  • Coating
    • electroplated galvanised
    • Special surface
  • Treatment
    • free of grease
    • defined oil film
  • Finishing
    • Tempering
    • Nitrocarburizing
  • Custom marking
  • Custom packaging
  • Axial ball socket
  • Custom shaft length
  • Snap ring
  • Thread types:
    • metric or inch thread
    • regular, fine-pitch and left hand thread
    • female or male thread
  • Spanner surface
  • Slit
  • Additional thread
  • Additional hole