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Ball studs according to drawing

Product information "Ball studs according to drawing"

If standard ball studs are not suitable for the desired application then we will manufacture special ball studs to meet the requirements. As experts, we would be delighted to help you put your ideas into practice.

Range of services for custom ball studs (extract)

Material (Ø4 mm up to Ø65 mm)
  • Undercut steel
  • Stainless steel A2 quality
  • Stainless steel A4 quality
  • Other steels that are particularly corrosion-resistant, salt water-resistant or heat-resistant, as well as high-tensile steels
  • Coating
    • electroplated galvanised
    • mechanically galvanised
    • Special surface
  • Treatment
    • free of grease
    • defined oil film
  • Finishing
    • Grinding
    • Tempering
  • Custom marking
  • Custom packaging
  • Ball diameter
  • Collar diameter
  • Thread types:
    • metric or inch thread
    • regular, fine-pitch and left hand thread
    • female or male thread
  • Spanner surface / hexagonal
  • Custom shaft length
  • Additional hole