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Retaining ring DIN 471 product image

Retaining rings DIN 471

for bolts and shafts with groove

Retaining ring

Retaining rings in accordance with DIN 471 prevent axial withdrawal on bolts and shafts with groove. These shaft retainers can be mounted with mounting pliers. They can be removed.

They come in different sizes for shaft diameters ranging from 4 mm to 50 mm in spring steel or stainless steel.

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Ordernumber Size / Identifier Material group Surface Article no. 3D model d1bb Tolerancess Permissible differenced3 (without tension)d3 Permissible differencea max.d5 min.Mass (kg) per 1000 piecesd2d2 Permissible differencemm Permissible differencen min.gtNominal size of pliers according to DIN 5254 Shop
dimension b must not exceed dimension a max.
ring shape and detail X as chosen by manufacturer
Note: The values in the table for thickness “s” are valid for washers in the phosphatised, blackened or polished version.
Retaining rings DIN 471 | 4 mbo 471 | electr. galvanised white | Steel

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  • 10 00 0471 0040/014
  • 4 mbo 471
  • Steel
  • electr. galvanised white
  • spring steel C67S up to C75S according to DIN EN 10132-4 (of manufacturer's choices), hardened and annealed to 435 up to 580 HV (equivalent to 44 to 54 HRC)


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