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10 36 0000 0020C/013
Dimensional drawing

CAD-Datei Download

Article no.
10 36 0000 0020C/013
Size / Identifier
C 2
Material group
electr. galvanised white
d1 Row 1²
d1 Row 2³
b js14¹
d2 h13¹
d4 H11¹
M2 x 3
Number of setscrews
Optional, grooved pin DIN EN ISO 8744**
Optional, taper pin DIN EN ISO 22339***
0,6 x 6
Weight (kg) per 100 pieces
d1 Tolerance¹
undercut steel 1.0718 (11SMnPb30+C) or equivalent material
1 The specified tolerances only apply to the "untreated" version. Other tolerances must be specified when ordering.
2 The Row 1 nominal diameters should preferably be used above all for new designs.
3 The nominal diameters of row 2 contain sizes that are currently still needed in practice, but should no longer be used in new structures.
* Unlike grooved and taper pins, setscrews (up to M 10 with slot to DIN EN 27434 and above M 12 with internal hexagon to DIN EN ISO 4027) are an integral part of the set collar. With form C the setscrew is used as an assembly aid for fixing the set collar during drilling of the pin hole.
** Instead of grooved pins to DIN EN ISO 8744, it is also possible to use dowel pins to DIN EN ISO 8752 or spiral dowel pins to DIN EN ISO 8750.
*** If taper pins to DIN EN 22339 are used, the hole must be reamed during assembly with a 1:50 taper.
Product information "Set collars DIN 705 form C"

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Ordernumber Size / Identifier Material group Surface Article no. d1 Row 1²d1 Row 2³d1 Tolerance¹b js14¹d2 h13¹d3d4 H11¹Setscrew*Number of setscrewsOptional, grooved pin DIN EN ISO 8744**Optional, taper pin DIN EN ISO 22339***Weight (kg) per 100 pieces Shop