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Woodruff key

Woodruff key DIN 6888 Maßbild

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Ordernumber Size / Identifier Material group Surface Article no. 3D model Width bWidth b ToleranceHeight hHeight h Tolerancefor shaft Ø d1¹ allocation 1 abovefor shaft Ø d1¹ allocation 1 up tofor shaft Ø d1¹ allocation 2 abovefor shaft Ø d1¹ allocation 2 up toDiameter d2Diameter d2 permiss. diff.Shaft groove width b² (firm seat P9, loose seat N9)Shaft groove depth t1³, row AShaft groove depth t1³, row BShaft groove depth t1 permiss. diff.Shaft groove diameter d2 +0,5Hub groove width b² *** (firm seat P9, loose seat J9)Hub groove depth t2³, row A*Hub groove depth t2³, row B**Hub groove depth t2³ permiss. diff. for AHub groove depth t2³ permiss. diff. for BBevelled/Rounded r1Bevelled/Rounded permiss. diff.Rounding of groove bottom r2Rounding of groove bottom permiss. diff.Length l Shop
r1 chamfering (all sides), bevelled or rounding of manufacturer's choice
r2 rounding of groove bottom for shaft and hub
1 For connection dimensions, in particular of shaft ends, the allocation of the woodruff key cross-sections to the shaft diameters must be maintained.
Allocation I applies wherever the woodruff keys are used like parallel keys, i.e. to transmit the entire torque.
Allocation II applies wherever the woodruff key is used only for fixing the position of the drive element and for transmitting the torque of other elements, e.g. cotter or taper.
2 The permissible differences for the groove widths apply only as a guideline. It is recommended to comply with ISA grade IT 8 instead of IT 9 for the widths of reamed grooves (i.e. P 8 instead of P 9. N 8 instead of N 9 and J 8 instead of J 9).
3 In the shop drawings, the dimensions t1 and (d1 - t1) plus t2 and (d1 + t2) can be entered adjacently to one another, however in many cases the dimensions t1 and (d1 + t2) are sufficient. It may be necessary here to take into account the permissible differences and machining allowances of shaft and hub bore.
* Use row A (high hub groove) for preference, conforms to DIN 6885 Sheet 1 (t2 with back clearance).
** Row B (low hub groove) for machine tools, conforms to DIN 6885 Sheet 2.
*** With allocation II of the woodruff keys to the shaft diameters the tolerance field D 10 can also be selected.
Woodruff keys DIN 6888 | 1x1,4 | bright | Steel

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  • 10 34 0010 0014/001
  • 1x1,4
  • Steel
  • bright
  • steel St 60


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