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Product information "Sleeves"

Sleeves are used to create or bridge a distance between two parts. In its basic form, a sleeve is a tube-shaped component. Sleeves are also often referred to as spacers, spacing rings, spacer tubes, bushes or distance rings. This simple part is required in practically every sector of industry because it can be customised and is economical to manufacture. One major advantage is the considerable reduction in installation time.

Options – customisation

Wherever technically feasible, the external diameter, internal diameter, length and material can be combined almost without restrictions. To make this part more suitable for any given application, it is possible to apply a collar (sleeve with collar) or a thread (sleeve with thread). If it is necessary to combine the two options then we speak of a threaded sleeve with collar.

Configurator for custom sleeves

To configure the product and then calculate the price and delivery time, you can easily upload a STEP 3D-CAD model by means of drag and drop. The innovative online tool provides maximum transparency and gives you reliable real-time information.
Manufacturing feasibility, supply capability and price are determined and are available to you with no loss of time. If you want, you can also order the part directly.


Installation could not be easier. The sleeve is simply pushed into place. This reduces assembly times and the required spacing is always the same.

Areas of application

Sleeves are used both in industry and in various trades. Whether indoors or outdoors, they reliably fulfil their function of creating a uniform spacing.
The main markets for these parts lie in the following sectors:
Mechanical engineering and plant construction
Vehicle construction
Construction and building technology
Climate, environment, renewable energies

Main advantages

  • Simple, fast installation (reduction of installation time)
  • Suitable for use as a visible part
  • For indoor and outdoor use (material)
  • Protection (e.g. for a threaded rod, screw, etc.)
  • Ensures a defined, constant spacing

Our production capabilities

  • Ø4 - 65 mm
  • Total length up to 350 mm
  • Undercut steel and stainless steel (A2 and A4 quality)
  • Available even as a one-off part
Note on use

To configure the product and then calculate the price and delivery time, simply use your STEP 3D-CAD model, which you can upload by drag & drop or by clicking the Upload button.

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