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Digital services at mbo Osswald

In recent years, we have focused strongly on the digitalization of our process landscape. This has resulted in a large number of external services which may be of very valuable practical use for you. In the “Documentation“ section, we present the individual services to you. Different options and variants are available to you depending on your account type. The blue background colour allows you to identify the account type which you currently possess. We also show you the corresponding upgrade options.

Account overview


Contractual documents
You can display all the documents relating to your order, such as order confirmations, delivery notes or invoices, easily by yourself and at any time via your order overview and download these to your system and save them.

The “eShop” variant only presents orders placed via the eShop, whereas the “system-wide” option also takes account of orders placed by telephone or electronically by e-mail.
Order tracking
End-to-end, forward-looking production planning can tolerate no gaps in the available information. We offer seamless order tracking for all our products. And not just as of the moment the ordered products are handed over to the parcel service. Right through from our raw materials planning to delivery to your goods-in point, each individual step benefits from clear, dedicated tracking – live and round-the-clock!
3D models
We offer 3D models for most of our products. These are available for download in a wide variety of formats in order to make your design engineering work as simple as possible – including for our individually configurable bolts!
Product configuration
Without any of the usual wasted effort that occurs during the conventional offer and order process, you can use our configurators to find out information by yourself on the dimensions, prices and delivery times for a wide range of products and, if necessary, order the required product directly.

We now offer this uncomplicated service for bolts according to DIN / EN / ISO, bolts with groove, threaded rods, joint rods and sleeves. Together with the appropriate retaining piece or corresponding connecting part!
Prices and delivery times
We do not process price and delivery inquiries on the basis of static tables but respond to them in real time. This means that you always access the most up-to-date and informative database and enjoy a vital competitive advantage compared to conventional price queries.
Individual customer portal
The aim of the customer portal is to offer you the greatest possible freedom in your decision-making, while simultaneously providing you with transparent, fast information channels. The compact overview with real-time calculation of prices and delivery times covers not only our standard range but also your customer-specific special products and is naturally also linked accordingly to the prices we have stored for you.
API access
Our API connects our system to your own and therefore represents the most direct and automated way to exchange structured data records. The manual effort involved in operation can therefore be minimised to a very great extent and the solution simultaneously offers a considerable advantage in terms of time and information, while also exhibiting a high level of error tolerance. The points below describe example applications. You can find more extensive documentation under the following link.

• Daily, fully-automatic adaptation of replenishment times for all your products

• Inclusion and processing of real-time data in your supply chain for optimum production planning

• Integration of price and delivery time inquiries in real time in your processes, e.g. online shop. In this way, you can display the result to your customers directly in a matter of seconds - there is no longer any need for manual price inquiries!

• Fully structured data exchange from the inquiry through to the invoice, including contractual documents and product drawings. Instead of transferring information manually from PDF files into your system, this can be validated and processed fully automatically.