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Who can order from mbo Osswald?

Within Germany, both business and private customers can order goods from the shop. At the start of your purchase, visitors can choose which group they belong to and will see the prices displayed with or without VAT depending on which group they belong to.

In EU countries outside of Germany, we can currently only supply to business customers with a valid VAT registration number. This is due to current EU regulations and the associated effort involved.

Outside of the EU, all company customers in approved countries (Switzerland, Norway) can order from us.

If it is not possible for you to purchase from the shop at present then you can click the Request button after choosing your products in the shop's shopping basket or contact us directly (request@mbo-osswald.de).

Do I need a customer account to purchase your products?

No, because we aim to give you a pleasant and streamlined purchasing experience by not increasing your user data pool any more than is necessary – so a customer account is a ‘can do’ but not a ‘must’.

However, if you do choose to create your own account on our site, you’ll benefit from a faster ordering process for repeat orders – and you can trace your current orders and check their status.

How high are the shipping costs?

Inside Germany, for goods up to a value of €25.00, we charge a flat-rate shipping cost of: €4.99. Above this, we deliver free of shipping costs.

We charge a flat rate of €14.99 for shipping costs to Europe, with the exception of Switzerland.

For Switzerland, we charge a flat-rate amount of €34.99. This amount includes customs charges of €20.00.

How are the goods delivered?

In most cases, our goods are delivered by our transporter DPD. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer express deliveries in our shop at present. However, if you require this service, please contact us by telephone. We would be delighted to help!

How long do deliveries take?

After you have chosen and ordered your articles, we show you the expected delivery time. As we generally do not make any partial deliveries, the article with the longest delivery time determines the delivery time for the complete order.

How can I track the progress of my order?

When you have completed your order, you will receive an e-mail confirming that we have received it. If you have chosen "In advance" as the method of payment, we will also inform you of reception of your payment by us.

As soon as we have dispatched your goods, you will receive a further e-mail containing our transporter's tracking details.

The delivered order is incomplete or damaged. What should I do?

In this case, please contact us immediately. We will deal with the problem quickly and without fuss and organize a new delivery or retrieval should you wish.

How can I return goods?

In compliance with the legal right of cancellation, you can return the ordered goods to us free-of-charge within the cancellation period provided that they are complete, unused and undamaged. Please use the form provided for this purpose. We will then organize the retrieval of the goods.

What methods of payment are possible in the shop?

When making your payment, you can choose between payment in advance, PayPal or, for business customers in Germany, purchase on account. None of the above methods will involve any additional cost to you.

  • Payment in advance

Once you have placed your order, you will receive a receipt-of-order e-mail. This includes all the details necessary for payment. We would ask you to transfer the full payment to the bank account indicated in the e-mail within five working days and to state your order number with the transfer. You will be informed by e-mail as soon as the payment is credited to our account. The goods will then be dispatched as quickly as possible.

  • PayPal

Once you have placed your order, you will be redirected to the web site of the payment service provider PayPal where you can sign into your PayPal account and make the payment. Your PayPal account will then be debited by the corresponding amount.

  • Credit card

The credit card account that you specify will be debited at the end of the ordering process. PayPal acts as the agent for the transaction. However, you do not need your own PayPal account for this type of transaction.

  • SEPA direct debit

You authorize us to debit the corresponding amount from the bank account that you specify. PayPal acts as the agent for the transaction. However, you do not need your own PayPal account for this type of transaction.

  • Purchase on account

As a business customer, you simply pay easily and securely when you receive the invoice. In this case, we reserve the right to perform a creditworthiness check. If you are an existing customer, you will automatically be assigned your payment conditions applicable for purchases on account with us without you having to do anything.

Why is it not possible to order all the products that are displayed in the shop from the shop?

We specialize in the production and marketing of DIN and standard parts. Although these are standardized, they nevertheless differ in their prevalence in the market. We therefore only keep small numbers of less widespread products or products for which there is less demand, or do not hold any such stock and obtain such products only when required. We would be happy to provide you with a specific quotation for these products!

Despite this, the range of products available in the shop is continuously being extended and expanded.

How can I send an inquiry via the shop?

You can place all the products available on the web site in your shopping basket irrespective of whether or not these are available in the shop. Here you can create an inquiry for the articles present in the basket and send this to us. We will then examine this and send you a corresponding quotation as quickly as possible.

Your shopping basket automatically generates an inquiry if it contains products that are not available in the shop or if the quantities you specify exceed the usual shop quantities.

What are the advantages of the shop compared to the normal purchase procedure from mbo Osswald?

For the articles available there, using the shop gives you significant advantages compared to the conventional order process via e-mail / phone / fax.

  • More economical prices

Thanks to the standardized, structured shop data, we are able to model our internal processes more flexibly and in an optimized way. We also want you to benefit from this. That is why you always get preferential prices in the shop!

  • No minimum order value / surcharge for small quantities

You can also order small or even very small quantities in the shop. Unlike in the conventional procedure, there is no surcharge for small quantities.

  • Better delivery conditions

In Germany, for goods of a value of up to €25.00 excl. tax, we charge only a small flat-rate transport fee of €4.99. Above this amount, shipping is always free to your premises! We can also offer attractive conditions for overseas deliveries.

  • Faster information flow and greater transparency

For shop articles, you always see an up-to-date summary of the expected delivery time and the specific quantity-dependent prices – quickly and clearly!

Do the shop prices also apply to conventional purchases with mbo Osswald?

One of the key aims in developing the shop and its associated configurators was to achieve an innovative and, most of all, structured process interface. We pass on the reduced internal handling effort directly to you in the form of our preferential shop prices. However, this also consequently means that we are only able to offer you these preferential prices for orders placed in the shop.

How can I request a new password?

The login screen contains a link to allow you to reset your password. You will then receive an e-mail at the address stored in your customer account informing you of the steps you need to complete to change your password.

Is it possible to enter a reference number?

As a business customer, you can of course enter your own reference number when completing your order as described on page 3 under "Checking and ordering". This number will be printed on all subsequent documents such as delivery notes or invoices to provide you with a unique identification of your order.