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mbo Osswald – Innovative online sleeve configurator

Innovative online sleeves configurator


Revolutionary part design solution from mbo Osswald

mbo Osswald is setting new standards in the world of linking technology with its latest online tool: The innovative sleeves configurator. This tool was developed to design individual parts precisely and in line with requirements and is suitable for use in very many different industry applications. Sleeves are well known as versatile components and are vital when precise spacings have to be adhered to in complex engineering designs. Sleeves are also often referred to as spacers, spacing rings, spacer tubes, bushes or distance rings.

The sleeves configurator is an intuitive, easy-to-operate, user-friendly platform that allows users to adapt sleeves to their own individual specifications and order the corresponding parts. What makes this digital tool so special is its transparency: Users see detailed information about every sleeve characteristic, including product details, a 3D model, technical drawings, test certificates, an express manufacturing option and dynamic price specifications.

Users can choose from a wide range of characteristics, including material, surface properties, shaft diameter, length, collar and wall thickness. When the user has chosen the required specifications, the configurator immediately provides detailed information about the part, including price, delivery time, a sketch and 3D model. Pricing is flexible and scaled in the light of the ordered quantity and users have full control over configuration and costs.

With this innovative configurator, mbo Osswald is extending its range of services and giving users even greater freedom in the design of their parts. With its many years of experience in the manufacture of turned parts, mbo Osswald is able to offer bespoke solutions for parts that go beyond the capabilities of the configurator. The mbo Osswald sleeves configurator therefore greatly enhances the possibilities for customer-specific parts design and emphasises the company’s commitment to an innovative, customer-oriented approach.

About mbo Osswald
mbo Osswald is a leading supplier of linking technology. At the Kuelsheim-Steinbach site, 70 employees manufacture more than 50,000 standard parts and are specialists in the production of individual drawing parts to meet specific customer requirements.
Standard parts:
Clevises, clevis joints, bolts, retainers, angle joints, ball sockets, ball studs, axial joints, rod ends, pivoting bearings, knuckle eyes, cardan joints, machine elements
Precision turned parts / drawing parts / job order production / product development
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