Stand: 24.02.2019
Clevis DIN 71752 / DIN ISO 8140 / CETOP product image Clevises DIN 71752 / DIN ISO 8140 / CETOP RP102P
Clevis Clevises are linking elements for the transmission of static forces. They act as linking and guide elements for simple sequences of movements such as in the case of linear push/pull movements or axis offset compensation. A clevis...
Clevis with male thread product image Clevises with male thread
Clevis with male thread These clevises similar to DIN 71752 / DIN ISO 8140 can be used wherever only female threads are available for fixing. This product, so simple in appearance, also has a particular advantage. It saves the user...
Clevis with elongated hole product image Clevises with elongated hole
Clevis with elongated hole An elongated hole is provided instead of a cross hole. If adjusting options are required in the area of the cross hole, this clevis type can be used instead. This provides the necessary clearance and the part...
Clevis with hardened cross hole product image Clevises with hardened cross hole
Clevis with hardened cross hole If the clevis is subject to particularly strong alternating tensile and compressive forces, the cross hole can deform, drastically shortening the service life. To prevent this, mbo offers a clevis with a...
Mating piece for clevises product image Mating pieces for clevises
Mating piece for clevises Naturally, the clevises also come with the corresponding mating pieces. Considerable savings can be achieved with mating pieces for clevises. They can be e.g. easily combined with a clevis (DIN 71752 / DIN ISO...

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