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50 years of mbo Osswald

From manufacturer of bolts to driver of innovation in mechanical linking technology
Precision-manufactured special clevises deliver perfect load transmission
Rod ends are used when static or dynamic forces must be transmitted during tilting, turning or swivelling movements.
Angle joints made from corrosion-resistant materials offer increased service lives even in the toughest environments
Clevises and clevis joints from mbo Osswald are now available with a further option, an additional thread. This makes it possible to mount clevises without rotation.
Providing reliable retention in the event of axial forces on shafts requires components with special properties.
Solving complex problems in the field of mechanical joint combinations calls for a huge amount of specialised knowledge and experience. This is because these joints must satisfy a wide range of requirements and should also offer a high level of customer benefit.
mbo Osswald, the linking technology specialist, has further extended its product range to include parallel pins.
The awarding of orders for precision turned parts is a question of trust. It’s a good thing that the specialist here has huge production experience and knows what strengthens the competitiveness of the users in the long term.
Large variety of variants creates individual solutions for a wide range of applications
In any combination reliable powerful mini-joints provide for a wide range of applications

Failure symptoms in joints?

Wear- and corrosion-resistant linking elements provide a cure
New: C6 M4 Series angle joints for reduced space requirements
suitable for every tactic and always systematic
The elementary component of every machine construction
NEW: Clevises / clevis joints of material 1.4404 (B.S. 316S11, Aisi 316L) – Stainless austenitic chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel
NEW: Angle joints / ball joints / ball studs / ball sockets of material 1.4404 (B.S. 316S11, Aisi 316L) – Stainless austenitic chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel
Complex stainless steel turned parts from the bar
Clevises are some of the most versatile and frequently used linking elements in industry.
mbo Osswald GmbH & Co KG from Kuelsheim-Steinbach is one of the first German companies in this branch of industry to have been certified as an "AEO (Authorised Economic Operator)".
Aggressive ambient conditions in production make machine parts difficult to make.
New: Stainless steel mating pieces for clevises
mbo Osswald effects the economical manufacture of geometrically complex parts from small-lot production to mass production

Stud bolts DIN 1445

Stud bolts are still in our programme

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